Application Design

The Modern Application

Platform Independence

An application needs to work on desktops, tablets, phone and web pages. Some applications even work on home appliances, security and monitoring systems, televisions and an endlessly growing number of platforms in the “internet of things”. Additionally, the ways an application is used is constantly changing and evolving. A modern application separates the user interface from the actual work that an application does. This allows the user interface to easily change, and adapt without the expense and risk of constantly changing the way the application works. The result is that the same application that used to only work on a desktop platform, can now run on a phone, a tablet and even a thermostat.


Applications need to be accessible from anywhere at any time, but unlike websites and web portals, they must be installed and distributed on each user's device. There are many ways to distribute your applications including downloads from the web and application stores like iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. We can help you navigate all of your options and each of their requirements to get your application distributed everywhere it needs to be.

Cloud Interfacing

Today's technology environment allows for you to start a project at your office and finish at home from your couch. Users expect to work on the same project from multiple devices without losing their work or data. Through Cloud Interfacing, we can make sure their work is saved to the cloud after every interaction.


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